home4students mission statement

Our Vision

We, the employees, have put together this mission statement as a long-term and durable guiding principle that reflects our values and beliefs.

Who we are and what we do

We are a non-profit organisation that is neither politically nor religiously influenced. The results that we aim for are not for personal benefit, but are for the investment in the interests of students and their future.
Since 1959, our mission has been to support students by providing and managing affordable living spaces.

The focus of our activity is the needs of students, and we orient ourselves around them.  Our aim is the well-being of our residents by providing an optimal framework for the duration of their studies. We will do everything in our power to make the residents at home4students feel at home.

What we offer

For us, team work is not just another buzz-word; it is our daily reality, our daily routine. In order to reach our goals, we work together on projects and solutions. Openness, tolerance and honesty are always in the foreground.
Collegiality, respect and mutual support create a productive and motivating work environment. We profit from the long-standing experience as well as the innovative ideas of our employees.
Praise and constructive criticism are addressed openly and accepted. Decisions are explained and justified as well as communicated as soon as possible. 

This attitude should be felt by our customers, employees, partners, suppliers and generally by everyone who comes into contact with home4students.