Your new home - All Inclusive

New city, new university, new people...

This whole new situation is very exciting, yet also a litte bit overwhelming sometimes. But don't worry - home4students is your ideal companion during the first steps into student life. With us you don't need to spend hours searching the ideal flat or flat-share. All you need to do is fill in our online registration form and lay back. We'll take it from there and we'll inform you as soon as we can offer you a spot. If there is no spot at your dorm, we'll also inform you. Your reservation will not get lost.

There' s no broker's fee - all our prices are all-inclusive. Technical support, heating, electricity, internet, cleaning (cummunal areas, bathrooms - depending on the choosen dorm) and televison connection are already included. So you know exactly what you are going to spend each month!

As a home4students resident, you'll never experience the weird feeling of beeing alone in a new city. Just knock on your neighbors door for a little chat or meet up for a cooking-date in one of our shared kitchens. Who knows, maybe your new best friend lives right next door...

All-Inclusive - all year long

Ready for a new city and to check out of "Hotel Mama"? Ready to enjoy the freedom of living in your own four walls?


Very well, then you've made the right decision by choosing home4students.

Your home4students contact

The dormitory administrator is your in-house contact for all concerns connected with living at home4students.

Our Team offers support during consultation-hours. Just come by - we are happy to help!

If you need technical support, just log in and tell us via ticket what's wrong, our technicians will help you as soon as they can.