About home4students

Who we are ...

64 years Österreichische Studenten­förderungs­stiftung

64 years of public benefit

Around the World

At home4students there are currently students from 92 countries. Staff members come from 10 countries.

~ 60


work daily in our student residences in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Klagenfurt, and Innsbruck.

The foundation started with two usufructuary rights in Vienna and today has

student residences all over Austria.

At the moment around

are living in our student residences


We are a non-profit organization

That means we serve the common good, earnings flow back to our residents.

We are free of political influence.

The foundation is self-funded

There is no funding from the government or from private donors. Nothing at all – seriously

With great power comes great responsibility.

Every residence elects residence representatives who represent the interests of the residents. The chairperson of all the residence reps represents their interests in the board of trustees.

We were founded by the Austrian Students’ Union.

On 9 July 1959 the first meeting of the board of trustees started the foundation’s work.

Currently, 65% of our staff
are women and 35% are men

The highest organ of the foundation is the board of trustees – the executive organ is the management board

The composition of the board of trustees reflects a closeness to the university: 73% are members of the Austrian Students’ Union (group numbers depending on the results of the Austrian Students’ Union election), university professors and the others are various experts

In 2007, the brand name “home4students” was launched

Österreichische Studentenförderungsstiftung is quite long …

We have three
employees who
are called


We are subject to the Austrian

Student Housing Act

In our headquarters there are two squirrels

which visit us regularly on the patio. Probably due to the nuts the employees generously put there ...

Heimat bist du großer Töchter

(Home to great daughters)

In the summer months four residences had been running until 2022 as AllYouNeed Hotels by a subsidiary, established for this purpose.

Our headquarters is located in Vienna.

home4students wedding

An employee and former resident at home4students met her future husband in one of our student residences – now married with two children. And that is just one of many love stories which started at home4students.

Former mayor of Vienna, Michael Häupl, lived in a home4students residence during his studies – "man bringe den Spritzwein" ("Bring on the spritzer" is a saying he coined)

We remain loyal

The longest employed staff member has been with us for
30 years

Hot Topics

at the lunch table at the headquarters are movies, TV series, music – which you might have noticed, given a few of the headings here.


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We CAn TALK ANy Time