Vacant places in our dormitories

Available rooms in our student residences in Austria

Looking for a room or flat in a student residence in an Austrian university town? Home4students offers reasonably priced living in immediate vicinity to universities and colleges – in Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt and Salzburg.

Find an overview of current vacancies in your preferred city below:

Flat in 1150 Vienna available
Jadengasse 7/19-20, 1150 Vienna
Roomtype: Flat
Available from: 15.08.2020

We have an apartment available as of now at Jadengasse 7/19-20 in 1150 Vienna. Perfect for a flat share for two. Room 1: approx. 21 m² Room 2: approx. 13m² Total flat: - 49,10 m² - kitchen with shower, shared hallway toilet - monthly rent EUR 502,- - deposit EUR 1.004,- Please be informed that the apartment does not provide a toilet, therefore you need to use the hallway toilet outside the apartment. A furnished apartment is waiting for you. Interested? E-mail us. Caution: this is not a dormitory!

€ 502,--
Small single room @ Ullmannstraße
Ullmannstraße 54, 1150 Wien
Roomtype: Single room
Available from: 20.10.2020

A small single room in our dormitory is waiting for you. The tube station Meidlinger Haupstraße is only 2 minutes away. Please register online.

€ 400,--
Double room female at Döblinger Haupstraße I vacant
Döblinger Hauptstraße 55 (I), 1190 Vienna
Roomtype: Double room
Available from: 01.11.2020

Perfect for (female) Boku-students (University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences), the dormitory comes with a garden. Interested? Please register online. Double room 285,-/person

€ 284,--
Single room (female) @ Seestadt Aspern
Sonnenallee 28-30, 1220 Vienna
Roomtype: Single room
Available from: 01.11.2020

We have a single room in flat share with kitchen and 2(!) bathrooms waiting for you. There's even a lake nearby...have a look at our PopUp dorms and if you're interested, register online.

€ 360,--
Double room at home4students Schäffergasse vacant
Schäffergasse 2, 1040 Vienna
Roomtype: Double room
Available from: 01.11.2020

Our Schaeffergasse is in the heart of Vienna, a lot of bars and restaurants are nearby - and still it's a very quite street. If you're interested, please register online.

€ 285,--
Free spot (female) at Neudeggergasse - double room
Neudeggergasse 21, 1080 Wien
Roomtype: Double room (male only)
Available from: 01.11.2020

Looking for a female roommate! Our Neudeggergasse is close to public transportation and a lot of restaurants and shops. Please register online.

€ 285,--
Double room (female) @ Ullmannstraße
Ullmannstraße 54, 1150 Wien
Roomtype: Double room
Available from: 02.11.2020

Looking for a double room and you're a female? Great, we have a double room as of November at our Ullmanstraße vacant. Please register online.

€ 290,--
Dorm double room in flat share (1190 Vienna)
Döblinger Haupstraße 55 (II)
Roomtype: Double room
Available from: 02.11.2020

Vancy a double room in flat share in 1190 Vienna? This means you share your room with a male room mate. If interested, please apply online.

€ 285,--
There are currently no vacant rooms in Graz
There are currently no vacant rooms in Innsbruck

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