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  • Student residences in Klagenfurt for lovely and affordable living

Did your studies and our beloved Lake Wörth lead you to Carinthia? You will really feel at home in one of our home4students residences in Klagenfurt. The university is situated near the Alps and the Adriatic Sea and Carinthia’s own “little ocean”, Lake Wörth, making studying, residing, and living a wonderful experience at a low price. 

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Overview of our dormitories in Klagenfurt

Scroll through the picture galleries of both our locations and learn all the important information about our student residencies in Klagenfurt.

Nautilusweg A

Nautilusweg B


Affordable and modern living in our dormitories in Klagenfurt

Both of our student residencies on Nautilusweg in Klagenfurt are affordable and, above all, extremely comfortable. For those who are looking for a vibrant student life, our dormitories are the absolute place to be. This is where you meet new people and yet find enough quite places to study and relax. Go ahead and enjoy your student life, we’ll make it even better.

Living right beside the University of Klagenfurt

Both student residencies are just a few metres away from the University of Klagenfurt. Students who live here can sleep in a little longer before the lecture because it takes just a few minutes to reach the lecture halls. Thanks to the ideal location you can use your breaks between lectures perfectly for cooking or relaxing in your apartment. As a resident of one of our dormitories you can enjoy full flexibility.

Enjoy your student life in our student residencies

Sometimes student life is really stressful and sometimes it is totally relaxed, but it is constantly exciting and always lovely. There is hardly another life phase that is more exciting and memorable than the time spent as a student. And in order for you to gather many great memories of your student life, we would like to take care of all the pesky things such as paying electricity bills and lugging furniture on move-in day. 

Contact us if you have any questions about one of our dormitories

If you have questions, our team is happy to help you further so that your registration as well as living at home4students goes smoothly. Do not hesitate to get in contact with us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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