Tips for registration


How can I apply?

  • In order to receive a dormitory room, you have to be a student at an Austrian university/college/academy.

  • Important for first-year students: If you are in your last school year, you can still register and submit the copy of your certificate later!

  • After your registration, we'll either send you an offer or you'll be put on our waiting list. When you reach first place, you'll receive a statement of registration, which contains all the necessary steps that need to be taken for a final, binding reservation. Especially, the possibilities of a cancellation after a binding reservation, are explained.

  • The handling fee of EUR 100 has to be paid when accepting the offer for a space in residence.

  • The deposit, which is due at the time of acceptance and amounts to two months’ rent, serves as security, for instance, for outstanding residence fees, damages, loss of key, incurred cleaning costs and dunning costs.

YOU CAN just need to bring your own dishes, cutlery, bedsheet, covers, pillow and blanket!


Our partner UNISTARTER gives you the opportunity to furnish your room with essentials like a pillow, blanket, towels etc. Orders are possible months in advance and will be delivered to your new student housing address before you arrive.  


When should I apply?

  • Generally speaking: the earlier you register the better are your chances to receive a room in your favourite dormitory. Please apply online. Your registration is non-binding and free of charge.

  • After your registration we’ll send you a confirmation with login details. Now you can change or update your personal information via our webpage Login. Once a month we’ll send you an update link, so we know that you’re still interested.

  • Choose 2 of your favourite dormitories when applying. We always try to offer you a room in one of your desired dormitories. However, if your 2 choices do not match with available rooms we still offer you a room in another dormitory.

Which dormitory is the best for my needs?

Some dormitories are new and well equipped others very low-priced. Some of them are open all year around, whereas others close during the summer. Please select your dormitory carefully and try to match it to your needs as good as it gets.

You can pick your favourite dormitory out of 19 and each of them is a little different

  • No matter which dorm you choose, you should familiarise yourself with your future home before you move in. If you have any questions about the facilities, please contact the respective management and/or follow our ambassadors/residents on our social media channels, where you will also receive interesting posts and insights. (e.g. room tour)

  • Our 10-month dormitories are closed during the summertime, so you have to move out by June 30th. Therefore, you don’t have to pay the monthly rent and save money. We also offer summer dormitories. In a 12 month dormitory you save the constant moving and you can stay all year long.

  • It is not possible to cancel your contract for the summer and then move in in September again. You most likely won’t get a free room, because they will be reserved for the new incoming students already at that time.

  • The location of your dormitory is another important point. Check out the distance finder. This convenient tool calculates the way from your university to the desired dormitory.

  • Find all information regarding equipments and prices on our website.

  • In many of our home4students dorms we can offer you a single room (single room in a shared flat, single room with bathroom, single room with bathroom and mini-kitchen) right from the start. In a few student dorms, however, there are more twin rooms than single rooms. Residents on the internal waiting list for an upgrade from a twin room to a single room are given preference here. If this is the case, we can only offer you a twin room in this home at the beginning.

  • Our prices are all-inclusive: operating costs, electricity, heating & hot water, cleaning according to the service catalogue of the respective home, use of the common rooms and Internet (LAN and WLAN) are included.

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