The Student Aid Foundation/Wanted: home4students

home4students is the new trademark of the Österreichischen Studentenförderungsstiftung/Austrian Student Aid Foundation. The Foundation was founded in 1959 to actively support students and higher education all across Austria. This is done by providing affordable living space for underprivileged students.

So that means that home4students offers low prices for accommodation as well as extremely favourable living environments.

And now for some organisational information: the top authority of the Österreichischen Studentenförderungsstiftung/Austrian Student Aid Foundation is the ‘Kuratorium’ or Board of Trustees, the authority for implementation are the two Managing Directors. But your interests are important too.

Every year at our annual meeting, all the dormitory occupants take part in voting for the Dormitory/Student Council as well as the Dormitory/Student Representative. All the Dormitory/Student Representatives from all over Austria appoint their chairman, who then plays a deciding role on the Board of Trustees. A set of dormitory rules and procedures ensure a democratic and safe environment for all occupants.

Perhaps you would like to be involved in the running of our dormitories. If so, then apply for the post of Dormitory/Student Representative.

Did you know?

60 employees in 18 dormitories in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Klagenfurt and Innbruck are responsible for the smooth running of our daily business.

At the moment around 2.500 students are taking advantage of our various living arrangements (rooms, flats, and flat-share communities).