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Mag. Sabine Straßer &  DI Thomas Schach, MSc

Region Vienna

Mario Egger, Bakk., regional director Vienna

Bettina Erlmoser
Administration & room allocation & dormitory administrator PopUp dorms Seestadt Aspern & SWS

Adele Wandler
currently on maternity leave 

Mag. Mara Quarantotto
Administration & room allocation Vienna & dormitory administrator Erlachplatz 

Rebecca Stern
Administration, room allocation Vienna & dormitory administrator Sensengasse & Höfergasse

Kristin Schreder
Dormitory administrator Boltzmanngasse & Große Schiffgasse

Jürgen Göschl
Dormitory administrator SchäffergasseDöblinger Hauptstraße I and II 

Daniel Blazanovic
Dormitory administrator Ullmannstraße

Wilma Lutschaunig
Dormitory administrator Neudeggergasse

Region South (Graz & Klagenfurt)

Alexander Walter, regional director Graz & Klagenfurt


Anne-Marie Hartveg
Reservation Neutorgasse

Sabine Porenta
Reservation Leechgasse


Oliver Kraxner
Dormitory administrator Nautilusweg

Birgit Schiffrer
Reservation Nautilusweg

Region West (Innsbruck & Salzburg)

Gerhard Auer, MA regional director Innsbruck & Salzburg


Charlotte Harber
dormitory administrator Höttinger Au

Christian Freiseisen
dormitory administrator Technikerstraße



Stefanie Lackner, BA
Reservation & dormitory administrator Glockengasse


Head of Marketing
Mag. Sonja Braunstein

Mag. Alexandra Felix