Our Ambassadors 2019

Meet our home4students ambassadors Florian, Sara, Steffi, Ignacio, Martino and Sarah .

They're all living in one of our student residences and give you a glimpse inside their student lifes. Don't miss it...


From: France (Lyon)

Residence: home4students Schäffergasse

City: Vienna

Studies: Industrial Engineering

Loves: Christmas markets in Vienna, travelling around Vienna, meeting new peoples, party and practise sport with my friends, "Gemütlichkeit" (coziness)

I'm a french Erasmus student in Vienna and I am spending 6 amazing months here. I have friends from all over Europe, with who I have a lot of fun. Vienna is located at the center of Europe, enabling us to travelling a lot around eastern Europe and discovering some very nice places I never imagined! I fell in love with Grüner See, Bärenschutzklamm, Semmering and its caves, Punkva caves in Brno and many more hidden places.

Florians content:

Dorm life in Vienna (YouTube)

Exploring Vienna Surroundings (YouTube)




From: Italy

Residence: home4students Höttinger Au - "Rössl"

City: Innsbruck

Studies: International Business & Managemnt, MCI

Loves: Travel, Food, People and Sports

I love travelling, I have lived in 6 different countries and I love meeting new people from different nationalities. I am currently studying my last year of master and hopefully I will find a job that fits with the things I love the most.

Saras content:

From the dorm "Rössl" to the slopes (Blog)

What to do in Innsbruck (Blog)

Dorm life (Blog)




From: Spain

Residence: home4students Höttinger Au - "Rössl"

City: Innsbruck

Studies: Industrial Engineering

Loves: The mountains, the beach, traveling, photography and outdoor sports.

I’m 24 years old and this is my last year of university. I was born in northern Spain but I’ve lived in Madrid for a while. I moved around quite a lot, because I love traveling and I love discovering new places.

Ignacios content:

The Rössl in Innsbruck (YouTube)





From: Austria

Residence: home4students Sensengasse


Studies: Media and Communication Studies

Loves: dancing, spanish music, languages, events

Openminded and active person who loves to do sports and to go out

Steffis Beiträge:

My favourite places of Vienna (Blog)

Surroundings home4students Sensengasse (Blog)

Life @ Sensengasse (Blog)

Instagram Takeover (Dezember 2018)




From: Austria

Residence: home4students Leechgasse


Studies: Teacher Education: German and Geography

Loves: writing and reading, travelling, sports

I'm always having fun and make sure that there is a lot @ Leechgasse. That's why I like to organize parties or other things -  I'm always there. Nevertheless, as a student, I use my free time in summer to explore the world.

So I'm already in love with different countries and their cultures. You can follow me on Instagram ;) @sarah__straw

Sarahs content:

Christmas markets in Graz (Blog)

Instagram Takeover (November 2018)




From: Austria
Residence: home4students Döblinger Hauptstraße I
City: Vienna
Studies: Economics, Vienna University of Economics and Business
Loves: Getting to know new people, working on creative projects

A student's life isn't an easy life (particularly at the beginning). Especially, if you come from a rural area and move to a big city right after you graduated high school - like me. However, after overcoming the first initial difficulties, student life offers a lot of advantages: You learn how to be more independent and slowly turn into an adult.

Martinos content:

Meet the residents (YoutTube)