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Do I need a mask? What are the 3-G rules? Where do I need a COVID test for entry? Where can I take a corona test?

More over a year in the pademic and still a lot of questions. Regulations change a lot, so no wonder you may be a little confused about the rules. 

Here are a few helpful links with the current regulations and informations: 

Current preventive measures in Austria

➡️ Downloads in English

➡️ - safeguards

Entry Regulations

🧳 Entering Austria

🧳 Pre-Travel-Clearance

Latest numbers

🔢 AGES - dashboard

Corona Hotlines

📞 Who you gonna call?

Psychological help in challenging times

☏ Let's talk

Registration vaccination

💉 this way (German only)
🔎 Information about vaccination

Testing and more


🎡 General information 
🧪Testing Vienna (German only)


🕰️ Preventive measures in Graz
🧪 Testing Graz (German only)


⛷️ General information 
🧪 Testing Innsbruck (German only)


🚤 General information (German only)
🧪 Testing Carinthia (German only)


🏰 General information (German only)
🧪 Testing Salzburg (German only)