Sustainability and responsible consumption are currently more important than ever. We all have a responsibility for our environment and society and can do our part to protect it. That is why rent for students - the rental service in the home4students dormitories - is now available for all residents.

The service offers a simple and effective way to save resources and reduce the impact on the environment. Many items that are only needed temporarily can be borrowed there without having to buy them. The use of the rental service is very simple. All items can be borrowed around the clock and free of charge. Simply open the box with your key chip and take out the item you want. After using the item, simply return it in clean condition and lock the box again with the key chip.

rent for students includes a variety of items that can be useful for students' everyday life at home. Whether kitchen utensils or tools, it's all there. Thanks to the diverse selection of items that can be borrowed, our residents are optimally equipped and do not have to make unnecessary investments - which not only protects the environment, but is also good for the wallet. ūüíö