Do you offer accomodation for non-students as well?
Yes, but only if there are vacancies and no further pending requests by students.

When will I be informed if I get a room?
As soon as you are the first on the waiting list. During the semester: two months in advance to your requested move-in date at earliest. At the beginning of the semester, in autumn: February at earliest.

Can I still register or is it already too late?

You can register anytime, the sooner you apply the more likely you will get a room.

Where can I find information about vacancies?
All vacancies are listed here. If your requested dormitory is not listed, we still recommend you to register and get on the waiting list. There are oftentimes short-notice cancellations and therefore last minute vacancies.

How can I register?
Exclusively via our online registration form. The registration is non-binding and free of charge.

Is my registration also considered for subsequent months?
No, you have to re-register for the particular move-in month.

Do I have to register repeatedly if I consider all dormitories?
As long as the requested dormitories are in the same city, you can declare all of them suitable in the registration form.

Can I apply for a single-room?
Yes, but keep in mind that, in most dormitories, single-rooms are given to existing residents first. Therefore we usually offer double-rooms in the beginning. In the dormitories Ullmannstraße, Sensengasse, Erlachplatz, Döblinger Hauptstraße II, Neutorgasse, Nautilusweg II and PopUp dorms there are mostly single-rooms, so you will be able to live without a roommate from the very beginning. If you are exclusively looking for a single-room you can declare this in your registration.

What are shared flats/communities?

You share your bathroom/toilet and sometimes also your kitchen with your other residents. It's a shared apartment in our dorms.

What do I have to pay when I book my room?

- reservation fee
- deposit (3 monthly dormitory fees)

If you're staying with us only during summer, please have a look at this page.

When is my spot finally booked?
You will find all the important information in your agreement papers, as long as you adhere to the time limits, your registration is secured. It is important to return the signed contract incl. all requested documents via e-mail and to transfer all payments within this deadline.

When will I receive my copy of the contract?
You are handed your copy at the move-in date. Please inform us in time if you need it earlier. Keep in mind that you have to transcribe all payments by the time you need the contract.

How can I cancel my final registration?
You can cancel your registration until a certain date, depending on the date of your registration (see reservation documents). You can do this via e-mail or by registered mail. After we confirmed your cancellation, we will transfer the money (registration, deposit) back to your account. Please be aware that we’re charging a cancellation fee. For further information please contact the dormitory administrator.

Can I share the room with my friend?
If you both declare this in your registration, we will try to meet your request. Depending on availabilty.

Do I have to re-register each year or is my contract perpetual?

Each contract is valid for one academic year. Information concerning prolongation is provided in our newsletter (in March) and/or via bulletin on our display boards.

Is there an age-limit for registration?

I don’t need the room before next year, can I register already?
Of course you can. The earlier you register the higher are your chances of getting a room. Your online registration secures you a top ranking on our waiting list. We will contact you via e-mail as soon as we are able to offer you a spot.

Can I move in with my child?
Please contact us before you register, so we can discuss possible housing situations for your individual case.

Is there a waiting list?
Yes - applying online means being listed on our waiting list. You'll be contacted via e-mail as soon as we are able to offer you a spot.

Is online registration binding and charged?
No, it is without commitment and free of charge. The registration gets binding after you send us all documents and transfer the registration fee and deposit money.

Will I share a room with a student of the same sex?
Yes, if not demanded otherwise (couples, siblings).


There are differences between the facilities each dormitory has to offer. If you have questions concerning parking, washing, bikes, internet access, fitness rooms etc. please get details directly from our website.

Moving out

What must I consider when I plan moving?
Please arrange a move-out-date with the dormitory administrator. The latest possible date is the last work day of the month at 11.00 am. By the mid off the month the dormitory administrator will send an e-mail concerning the appointments. When handing over the keys, your room will be checked for damage. If it is necessary to re-paint the room or clean the mattress cover the costs will be deducted from your deposit money. Please leave the room empty and cleanly swept. There is a standardised deduction of € 30,-- from your deposit money for the final cleaning of the room.

Do I have to clean or paint my room before moving out?
No. But leave it empty and cleanly swept. There is a standardised deduction of € 30,-- from your deposit money for the final cleaning of the room.

When will the deposit money be re-transferred to my account?

6 weeks after the expiration of the contract.

Is the deposit money re-transferred automatically?

No, you need to submit a deposit refund form which you have to hand over together with your cancellation form to the dormitory administrator when moving out.


Which facilities/services are included in the rates?
Our rates are all-inclusive rates, they include:

•    heating, electricity and operating expenses
•    cleaning (according to the service specifications of your dormitory)
•    use of all general areas and general infrastructure
•    internet access
•    TV-connection*
•    TV-set*
•    furniture

* depending on equipment

Moving in

Do I have to contact the dormitory administrator in advance of my move-in-date?
You will usually receive an e-mail with a precise appointment for your move-in.

There is damage in my room that has been there before I moved in. What should I do?
You will be handed an inventory-list while moving in. Please take a note of any damage you become aware of within the first days. Otherwise the room is classified free from defects. In that case any occurring repairing costs will be deducted from your deposit when moving out.

How is the disposition of rooms carried out?
What room you get depends on which rooms are vacant. We always try to address special requests. Allocation does not depend on university courses or origin of students.

Who will be my roommate?
Allocation can change until the move-in date. Due to privacy restrictions we can't provide information in advance.

When can I move in?

The earliest move-in date is the first work day according to the commencement of your contract. It‘s not possible to move in on weekends or public holidays. In Vienna our partner iHouse  offers key delivery beyond our opening hours.

What documents do I have to bring with me?
Please bring an official identification document.

House rules

Can I have overnight guests in my dorm room?
In general overnight stays always need permission from the dormitory administrator. Please send an e-mail with the name of the visitor and the date of the visit. Your roommate must - of course - agree as well. Your guest is not allowed to sojourn in the dormitory without you.

Are pets allowed?
No. Pets are forbidden without exception.

What are the general house rules? (curfew, nighttime peace etc.
Please respect the provisions of the law. Information can be found on our display boards.

Can I bring my bike to the room?
We’re sorry, but bikes are not allowed in the rooms. However most dormitories offer bicycle parking spaces.


Information about internet use regulations can be downloaded from our website.


Regulations about waste disposal as well as kitchen and room cleaning vary from dormitory to dormitory. Please get informed in advance to guarantee a smooth coexistence with your fellow students.


Can I repair self-induced damages by myself?
We're sorry but you can't, because we have to assign our in-house technicians or an external company in order to meet the home4students quality standards.

Who can I contact in case of technical problems in my room (light bulb exchange, electricity failure, jammed door lock etc.)?
Please use your online log-in to contact us in case of damages. In doing so, our technicians will be informed.

Are my personal belongings insured?

No. Probably they are covered by your parents houshold insurance. Please ask your parents in advance.

What do I have to do in case of a burglary?
Keep calm and contact the police and the dormitory administrator immediately.

What do I have to do in case of a technical emergency?
There is an emergency-contact-number for all home4students dormitories. You will find the number on the information boards and in our welcome-sheet. Save the number in your phone, just in case.

Moving to another room

I would like to move to another room. What costs should I expect?Depending on vacancies you can change your room at any time. For each change we account cleaning costs of € 30,-- which we debit together with the next rental payment. If the rent of your new room is higher we automatically debit a deposit addition.



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