Student residences Graz: vacancies

The city of Graz really has plenty to offer: many young people, lots of trendy restaurants, cafés, and bars which can be reached easily by bike or with public transport and, of course, a large selection of programmes at the universities and technical colleges. There is no question about it, we love Graz.

Are you looking for vacancies in a student residence in Graz?

We have two student residences in Graz: the home4students Leechgasse and the home4students Neutorgasse.

Rooms in student residences in Graz are very popular and often go very early. In order for you to see quickly which rooms are vacant in our Graz student residences, we have set up a convenient page with an overview of all available rooms.

Here you’ll find a list of the current available rooms in our Graz student residences.

Available rooms in our student residences in Graz at a glance

single room student housing Graz

Double room Neutorgasse, Graz

Location: 8010 Graz, Neutorgasse 46

Room type: Double room

Available from: 15.10.2018

€ 294,--

In the heart of the inner city, perfect connections (but: when in Graz you ride a bike, right?), modern equipment and design.

The home4students Neutorgasse used to be a post office - it's a really great building.

You'll cook together with your roommates in our communal kitchen, there's also a fitness room, a music room and bicycle storage.

More information, including pictures, here.