Dormitory Technikerstraße 7, 6020 Innsbruck


This dorm offers space for 259 students.

Start building your future here, so that your carrier as a technician or architect gets off to a good start. The Technical University is just around the corner. Long or short, the common rooms offer lots of fun and social activities.

In summer, your barbeque skills can be put to good use at parties in the garden. Grab your skies or snowboard in winter and discover the nearby skiing areas, because we all know: winter is coming.


Rooms & prices - from Summer 2023

Single room
€ 425
Single room flat share
€ 425
Bed in a double room
€ 295
€ 40
€ 64


Basic equipment furniture
Shower & toilet Shower & toilet
Internet connection internet connection
wireless LAN WLAN
Room in shared flat
Basic equipment furniture
wireless LAN WLAN
Internet connection internet connection
Shared flat
Shower & toilet Shower & toilet
wireless LAN WLAN
Common kitchen common kitchen
TV room with SAT/Cable TV TV room with SAT/Cable TV
wireless LAN WLAN
Washing machine & dryer washing/drying
Bike storage bike storage
Garden garden
Garage, Preise auf Anfrage garage car

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Communal kitchen, TV room, washing machine and dryer, bicycle storage, garden with a barbeque, Wi-Fi, 24/7 rental service (hoover, mop, kitchen equipment...)

bed, desk, chair, closet, book shelf, shower/WC, house intercom, Wi-Fi

Nearby universities
Technical University

Bylaws Technikerstraße 

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