Student residences Innsbruck: vacancies

In "Inschbruck" there are two students residences: the home4students Technikerstraße and the home4students Höttinger Au. One is close to the Faculty of Engineering Sciences, the other is situated just a few minutes from the Medical University.

Regardless of your decision, you’ll be well taken care of in both right from the start and feel comfortable in your new home. Our residents like to go on excursions together or sometimes cook together in one of the shared kitchens.

Are you looking for vacancies in the student residence in Innsbruck?

Because of the great location and lovely décor in our Innsbruck student residences, the rooms are always taken by the start of the semester. But there could be vacancies during the semester in one of the student residences in Innsbruck.

To ensure that you don’t miss out on a vacant room and can secure a room for yourself in the university city of Innsbruck, we have set up a page that lists all of the available rooms.

If you are interested in one of these spots, register using our form. In the note field you can also leave us a message.
After the registration is complete, you’ll receive more information about your room.

Available rooms in our student residences in Innsbruck at a glance

Double rooms Technikerstraße, Innsbruck

Location: 6020 Innsbruck, Technikerstrasse 7

Room type: Double rooms

Available from: 15.03.2019

€ 305,--

Studying in Innsbruck? Perfect, we still have some free spots.

At Technikerstraße, you live near the Technical University, it's just a stones throw away. In summer you can enjoy our BBQ grill, in winter you can choose between a lot of winter sport regions near you.

All rooms are furnished and offer shower/toilet/LAN/WLAN.

Technikerstraße has been renovated in 2014 - so everthing is up-to-date.

More Information HERE.

Schreibtisch und Bett Höttinger Au, Einzelzimmer

Double rooms Höttinger Au, Innsbruck

Location: 6020 Innsbruck, Höttinger Au 34

Room type: Double rooms

Available from: 01.04.2019

€ 317,--

Our Höttinger Au is the perfect dormitory if you want to study in Innsbruck, or "Insschbrugg" as the residents say.

With universities nearby, it won't take you long (anywhere). You can enjoy the sunshine from the rooftop terrace or enjoy the courtyard - it's up to you. At Höttinger Au you share the kitchen with other residents (communal kitchen). This is a good thing, usually there are people who like to cook :)

All rooms are furnished and offer shower/toilet/LAN/WLAN.

More information HERE.