Every year thousands of students start a new chapter in their life: leaving home and moving into a new city or even a new country to start their university or go for Erasmus abroad. All these thousands of students face the same problem: once they have decided the destination of their studies, “where should I stay?”

That’s the moment that everyone starts to panic. The method to find a living solution is more or less the same for all of us: start to research all the possible websites of flat sharing, Facebook groups, university’s advices, and so on… The next step is to consider the pros and cons of all the possibilities you have found, and you start panicking again as it can seem quite overwhelming. But then a light bulb goes off in my head: “I have a friend who lives there” or “a friend’s friend is living there” or “my cousin studied there”, and finally you can have some personal feedback about what the best solution for you would be.

Sara in Innsbruck

That’s what happened to me when I knew that I would spend my next year of studying in Innsbruck and I had few contacts to ask for some suggestions. Innsbruck is a city with a lot of good universities, which every year hosts 40.000 students from Austria and from all over the world. Once I started to get in contact with my friends for some recommendations, I received the same answer from all of them: “go to home4students Höttinger Au”. I had already experienced life in dorms before, so I didn’t understand why they were so excited and convinced about their answer. But now, after one month of home4students life, I understand why.

home4students is not just a dorm, it’s a family far away from home.

Gemeinschaft in der Hoettinger Au
You make friends with the people living in your floor while cooking in the kitchen together, in the elevator, while doing your laundry when you are struggling to choose the best washing mode hoping not to ruin all your clothes. This is followed by parties, the “international dinners” and the cinema nights. The atmosphere is always chilled and relaxed, everyone is smiling and friendly. Every occasion is a good occasion to share your life experiences. And if you feel sad or homesick, you can just go in the common area and find someone that would be happy to share his/her feelings. Because even though we come from different backgrounds and cultures, we all experience the same feelings at some point.

When I think about dorm life, following quote comes to my mind:
“Happiness is only real when shared”
. (by Christopher McCandless)

So, share your happiness, join the home4students Höttinger Au community.

Unsere Ambassadorin Sara aus Innsbruck