Bicycling - for one it's a sporting activity, for others it's just transportation. For some it's both. All of our home4biker don't have a single e-bike. All of them - totally oldschool - use their own leg power on the pedals. We would like to introduce you to a few employees, who don't want to be without bicycles anymore ...

Richard, in-house technician in Salzburg

Why do you like riding your bicycle? Because you are everywhere in half an hour - it would take longer by car. What is your purpose of cycling? My bike is an allrounder – I don’t care about the weather. From cycling to work, transporting things to going on vacation: I’ll take my bike. Your favourite route? Salzburg – Jesolo (Italy).

Benjamin, dorm admin Höttinger Au, Innsbruck

Why do you like riding your bicycle? I like to sit on the bike because I can combine everyday occurrence with a bit of movement and fresh air. Even as a student, I was riding at almost every weather the 6 km to school. During my studies I used the bike very frequently – of course also for my evening dates: you could go home at any time and it was significantly cheaper than the bus. What is your purpose of cycling? I've always been very much on the bike, several years with more than 10000km /year, every day and regardless of the weather: I went out, the ambition was very big. Many beautiful pictures remind me of the adventures and the landscapes I have experienced. Now I have a family and I am happy when I can take a nice detour on the way home. Because of my missing driving license (summer 2014), I went to Bavaria by bicycle, I even made it to Vienna twice. The Donauradweg is beautiful – arriving at sunset in Vienna was a stunning experience. Your favourite route? My favorite route is via Gnadenwald to Vomp and back again. The most beautiful trip was with my brother from Innsbruck across Landeck to Silvretta, across the Montafon to the Arlberg and then back to Innsbruck. We were stoved-up, but it was wonderful. The route was mostly blocked for cars and we could enjoy the scenery in peace..

Dragan, in-house tecnician Vienna

Why do you like riding your bicycle? I like to ride bicycles because I am collecting old racing bikes since four years and I enjoy riding through the city - without any traffic! :) What is your purpose of cycling? During the week I often cycle to work. Apart from that, I like the Danube-area and the Kahlenberg, as I sometimes participate in cycling marathons. Your favourite route? My favorite route is a round trip at lake Fuschl.

Adele, dorm admin Boltzmanngasse, Vienna

Why do you like riding your bicycle? I love cycling, because I am outdoors and I quickly reach my destination. What is your purpose of cycling? Since I live on the outskirts of Vienna, the daily way to work is unfortunately too far, but I use every opportunity to get around in the area by bicycle. Your favourite route? On the weekends I like to ride with my family to the Donauinsel or the Seestadt Aspern ;)