The 19th district (Döbling) has a lot of green areas. Two of them are very close to the dormitory, which - in my opinion - is great, because who doesn’t need some fresh air from time to time?
Here is more information about the two parks:


Setagaya Park is a small and peaceful Japanese garden, just 10 minutes away from the home4students dormitory on Döblinger Hauptstraße 55. The park is designed to symbolise the Japanese landscape. You'll find a small waterfall, a small pool and beautiful plants and trees, that are typical for Japan.
The Japanese garden is the perfect place for relaxing. You can read a book there, study or just simply relax and enjoy the lovely scenery.


Wertheimsteinpark is only 5 Minutes away from the home4students dormitory on Döblinger Hauptstraße! It’s the perfect place for long walks or sports. The park is very big and green and it almost feels as if you’re in a forest.
It’s the perfect spot for those who are sporty by nature!

Did I already caught your attention with these beautiful photos?
Come and visit the parks by yourself, you won’t regret it! :) Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses, because the sunshine is strong!