Register early

Inexpensive living space for young people is in high demand.

Please note:

As soon as you have finally become No 1 on the waiting list we can offer you available accommodation. Only in this case we will contact you personally. Consequently, we will send you the contract via e-mail which includes all information for booking the offered accommodation. Please be patient if it takes a little while; every single application is stored and won’t be forgotten!

In case there's no vacancy any more, we will inform you as well.

You apply for the next academic year:

Every year from March until May, our current residents are asked if they want to stay in the dormitory for the upcoming academic year. As a result, April/May is the earliest time to start processing the new applications.

You want to move in during the present academic year:

If you haven’t received an answer from home4students until two weeks before your desired month of moving in, it is likely that we don’t have any available beds to offer. In that case please contact us again via E-mail.

You can always have a look at our vacancy site.

Generally speaking:

You have to state 2 preferred dormitories when applying. We certainly try to accommodate you in your favourite dormitory (1st  or 2nd preference). However, if there’s no bed available, we will send you an offer for other dormitories as well.