Winter is not coming, it's already here. One of the best things in winter is streaming your favourite shows (all weekend long). I asked my co-workers for tips, here they are:  

Sabine, Human Resource Management

I love „The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel“ from Amy Sherman-Palladino („Gilmore Girls“). It's about weird characters who aren't like anyone else,  it also has a strong female lead...


Ivo, Building and Property Management

I really like "Chicago Fire" und "Young Sheldon" (both on Netflix). I watch "Young Sheldon" with my two boys, so it's kind of a family event where we have fun and switch off the outside world.


Marina, Hotel Director AllYouNeed Hotels

Here are my favourites:

  1. "Sherlock" – Benedict Cumberbatch is my hero
  2. "Black Mirror"- the future is now…
  3. "Westworld" – I only saw the 1. season
  4. "The Boys" -  weird but really cool
  5. "Breaking Bad" 

Thomas Schach, CTO

  1. „The Good Fight“ (FOX, spin-off from „The Good Wife“, gripping)
  2. Bull“ (Free TV eg. ATV, psychology meets law)
  3. „Alpha House“ (Amazon Prime, satire, but funny)
  4. „Star Trek: Picard“ (Amazon Prime,  coming soon, probably 24.01.2020)
  5. "Star Trek: Discovery" (Netflix, Science Fiction)
  6. „The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel“ (Amazon Prime)
  7. „Die Baumhaus-Profis“ (DMAX, documentary about building tree houses)

Sahra, HR

  1. "Stranger Things" (Netflix, big fan of the 80ies and there are some mystery vibes too)
  2. Marvel's "The Punisher" (bloody and action-packed but with a lot of heart, it reminds me a little bit of Wolverine, one of my favorite X-Man)
  3. "Lucifer" (Amazon Prime, is very nice to watch, not too demanding and funny)

Martin, IT

  1. "Cobra Kai" (Youtube, Comedy) An absolute treat for fans of the original Karate Kid movies, but also for everyone else. Brutally honest and fun, what’s not to like?
  2. "Atypical" (Netflix, Comedy) Dive into the life of Sam Gardner, a high functioning autist as he struggles to become an adult. For anyone with both a sense of humour and a big heart. Also has an amazing cast & soundtrack.
  3. "Rick & Morty" (Cartoon Network, Sci-Fi / Comedy) If you don’t know it by now, what are you doing with your life? Go watch it, I’ll wait.
  4. "The Boys" (Amazon, Sci-Fi / super hero) I know we're all suffering from a superhero-overdose right now. But trust me on this, watch it and thank me afterwards.
  5. "Firefly" (Fox, Sci-Fi / Comedy) Early 2000s Sci-Fi adventure. In my opinion the absolute best piece of television ever produced. If you’re into Sci-Fi and smart dialogue, this is the series for you. Follows a crew of inter-stellar smugglers trying to survive. Sadly only 14 episodes were ever produced.
  6. "Better Off Ted" (ABC, Comedy) Comedy about corporate culture. An absolute blast and totally underrated.

Franz, Project Head Building and Property Management

"Killing Eve" - really crazy show with a lot of British (dark) humor.


There's one show for everyone so far, don't you agree?

I look forward to "The Witcher" (Netflix). The (fantasy)story looks interesting. Alright, alright, alright: I am lying. Henry Cavill just looks really good...