Who doesn’t love it? Partying, going on trips, ordering food. Great fun, which unfortunately also hits you right in the pocket. The solution for better or for worse: a student job. In the best case you land a home office job for students. But is a work from home student job really that awesome? Or rather a curse than a blessing?

Homeoffice-Schild am Schreibtisch

Student jobs from home – the pros

Before we get straight down to the nitty-gritty: What does “home office” even mean? The name in itself is already telling: your home becomes your office. Meaning, the commute to work is no longer necessary and your working space moves into your own home. Where you arrange your workplace, is entirely up to you – in your bedroom, living room or in a separate office.

But beware: Even if your home office job is “only” a student job, your income might affect the grants and allowances you receive.

Flexible working hours instead of fixed schedules

Working your student job from home has one key advantage and that’s being more flexible – timewise and regarding organisation. With most remote and online student jobs, you’re allowed to plan out your work schedule as you please, taking breaks when you need them. This can come very handy, especially while studying.

And if one day your sink is broken and a plumber needs to pay you a visit ­– no problem. You can pause what you are working on, let the plumber in, and continue working later with one less worry on your mind.

Saving time and money

The best part of a work from home student job: No more commute! While your friends might need up to an hour to arrive at work, you may theoretically get out of bed and sit down right at your workplace.

However, you’re not only saving a lot of time but also money. You could easily up your holiday savings with the money you’re otherwise wasting on public transportation and gas.

No distracting colleagues

We all know how it goes. You have a quick chat with your colleagues and suddenly half an hour has passed. A short conversation here and there admittedly feels nice, but it also drains a lot of time. Time you might actually need to finish up an important project. This won’t be the case if you have a remote or online student job. The chances of getting distracted are a lot lower, when you’re working your student job from home.

Studentin sitzt beim Schreibtisch & arbeitet

Home office jobs for students – the cons

But there’s always a flipside: As great as flexibility and independency seem in some situation, as stressful might it be in others.

Lacking motivation when working an online student job

Self-discipline is a must! If you struggle with motivating yourself and tend to procrastinate, you might not be able to finish all your tasks in time. At the end, the work has to get done, flexible working hours or not. If you don’t describe yourself as naturally ambitious and well-organised, a home office student job might be strenuous and not the best option for you.

Separating work and private life

It’s five o’clock. Time to go home and make the most of your time off. But what if you have a work from home student job? Well, one could say that you may enjoy your free time even sooner. But many feel like the boundaries between work life and private life become a blur. That’s no surprise, considering that suddenly your home is more than the place where you eat, sleep and relax, but also your office. Make sure to set clear boundaries for your online student job, so that you won’t go stir-crazy.

Less exchange with co-workers

Turning your home into an office also means that you’re working alone. You’re not surrounded by colleagues, who you could spontaneously chat with or who quickly help you, when you’re facing difficulties. In short, you’re missing a community. And although online platforms and emails are great, they are no replacement for personal contact with others.

So, what’s the bottom line? Blessing or curse?

Probably both. It depends on your personal preferences and point of view. If flexibility and freedom are on top of your list, the answer is clear – working a student job from home is a blessing. However, if you are an absolute team player, who needs to get out of the house, an online student job might be a curse.

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