Distance, masks and uncertainty instead of getting-to-know-events, student parties and lectures. Tempting, right? You will definitely have a unique student year.
We don’t have to tell you about wearing a mask, using soap and washing hands. You already know that.

But what does this all mean living with us?

Look out for each other - with distance.

A little party never killed nobody? Well…
Sorry, but there are no parties at your dormitory allowed. A lot of people having fun in interior spaces? Not a good idea. Physical distancing it is, but you can be social after all. Meet in small(er) groups and in big (enough) rooms. Taking the gatherings outside is a plus.

House guests? Alright.
You can invite people, who don’t live here, as of May 19. Let them know about our rules and your guest(s) should bring (and wear) a FFP2 mask. A plus would be, if your guest is tested, recovered or vaccinated. Still, the pandemic is not over, so try to meet people somewhere else. Maybe a picknick in the park? The good thing: you don’t have to clean up your room.

Kitchen get-together
Oh, everybody loves coming together in the kitchen. We get it. Open windows frequently, keep your distance, wear a mask, wash your dishes after eating and put it away (were it belongs). Sounds boring, right? But: 1. nobody is furious about your dirty dishes, 2. fresh air is healthy af and 3. you collect good karma points.

Pump it - the gym
The fitness rooms are re-opening, yeah. To use them, you have to be vaccinated, tested or recovered. There's also a limit of people using the gym at the same time (see info in your dormitory).

Quality before quantity
Be honest: how many people do you really need around? Meet with people who make you feel good, everybody else can wait. Get to know new neighbours exclusively, in small groups or tête-à-tête. Quality time is always best spent with people you like/love/adore.

2020 is not as free and easy-going as it should be. But: solidarity is always hip and going through rough times together is more important than celebrating the easy ones (drunk).
At least for now.

Helpful links regarding the current regulations and useful information here.

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